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Season 2, Episode 23 – “A Fortnight Will Change You”

Two weeks ago if you said we’d still be in all competitions, we’d have laughed. Well, we still are.

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At the match:

- Sporting comes to town and we didn’t lose. But hope did not spring eternal
- Remember that match? We barely do. But talk about it anyway.
- We go to Lisbon and nail it in the end. Roll on PSV!
- St. Johnstone provide a much needed confidence booster

Off the pitch:

- Look forward to summer football. Well, July, but it counts
- We got mailbag and a throwback XI
- We preview the Mendicants game and our reward trip to Paisley to follow

This weeks RSC review:

As promised we hear from Hong Kong RSC, member of the Oceania RSA. See below for the full details on this club!

Yours could be mentioned! Click on the ‘My RSC’ link, copy down the questions, answer them and send your results to us at feedback@wearethepeoplepodcast.com.

This weeks Hall of Fame inductee:

None this week.

You can see the hall by clicking here.

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Here’s the Full Passage from the Hong Kong RSC as Promised:

RSC Name:
Hong Kong Rangers Supporters Club (Although our officially registered name is “The Rangers Supporters Club – Hong Kong Chapter”) and we come under the umbrella of the Oceania Rangers Supporters Association (ORSA).

Our home pub is called “Amici” in the Wan Chai area of Hong Kong island – The historical area of Suzie Wong !

Number of Years in Existence:
This question prompted a bit of investigation of which I found out the following:
The Hong Kong RSC is in it’s third spell. It’s latest official reformation was in 2005 when I got things moving again.
One of our “older” (ahem) members, Andy Ross is researching to try and draw up a full chronology of events of the club. However what we know at present is that the first RSC was set up and registered in HK in the 1960′s
The story was that there were 100 expats working in the Hutchison United Dockyard, of whom 98 were Glasgow protestants, and it originated there. That first club eventually fell away and at some point in the 1970′s a chap by the name of Alan Robertson saw a notice in the Government Gazette that the Society had been struck off after many years of non filing returns, that then prompted him to get things going again for a second time. That version of the club also fell away soon after the time of the official handover of Hong Kong back to China be her Royal Brittanic Majesty…(please be upstanding and charge your glasses)…..The Queen!
I then moved (*back) to Hong Kong in 2004 and started the club up again into what it is today.

*I say “back” as i was born in Hong Kong. My Dad is Billy Semple and played for Rangers in the 60′s & 70′s before eventually settling in Hong Kong in 1973 to play for Hong Kong Rangers along with Willie Henderson, Alex Willougby & WATP Hall of Famer Jim Forrest . Quite a line-up! (HK Rangers Photo attached from 1975).
We all moved to Glasgow in 1986 where my real love and passion for Rangers developed. Souness was appointed manager literally days after we moved back! Good timing or what?!

Club Website:
www.rangers.hk (It’s been recently relaunched / overhauled and it’s pretty damn good if we say so ourselves!)
We also have a facebook page if anyone would like to join. Just search for “Hong Kong Rangers Supporters Club”.

Who is your Exec:
Scott Semple (President or El Prez as I’m called)
Colin Reid (Secretary – The skateboarding tax-dodger)
Stephen Lauchlan (Treasurer – aka Victor Meldrew as he’s never happy unless he’s moaning about something. He’s your typical dour Scottish accountant – He also has an “A” in Home Economics but don’t tell anyone…..)
In total we have just over 20 fully paid up members.

Have You Had Players Visit? Who and Why?
We’ve been quite lucky when it comes to player visits. Last year we had both John “Bomber” Brown & Mark Hateley come to visit us as part of what we hope to be our annual end of season bash. They were both great value.
In 2008 we managed to get a Rangers “Legends” team to come over to play in the Masters Section of the Hong Kong International Soccer 7′s.
That team included Andy Goram, Dave McPherson, John Brown, Scott Nisbet, Alex Rae, Ian Ferguson, Derek Ferguson, Mark Walters, Gordon Durie & Gary McSwegan.
They won the tournament at an absolute canter, but unfortunately for us here in HK we’ve been unable to fund a further trip for them to come back out to HK and defend their title.
Any WATP podcast listeners interested in sponsoring a team??!!
We also get the Rangers Youth team coming out each year to play in the main youth section of the Soccer 7′s. We’ve been fortunate to have had Allan McGregor, Chris Burke, Charlie Adam, Bob Malcolm, Stevie Smith, Rory Loy, Andy Little, Andrew Shinnie (Shinnie was the player of the tournament last year).
For the last 2 years Rangers have been beaten in the final. Last year by Aston Villa and by Evil the year before that.
(Interestingly Steven Davis played and won the Soccer 7′s twice as a youth with Aston Villa). Something I found out as I presented him with our Player of The Year trophy for last season.
The good news is that the Rangers youth team are coming out yet in again in May. If anyone would like more details then they can be found on the soccer 7′s website: http://www.hksoccersevens.com/The timing is not great however, as its the same weekend of the final SPL game of the season….

What Events do you do Over the Year?
As well as the above mentioned End of Season bash and Soccer 7′s, we also try and have an annual golf outing to Macau at the end of the year when the weather here is perfect. We never managed it last year, so we plan to host it very shortly when the weather gets a bit warmer here. We’ve held it once before which our previous secretary Derek Paton won. He’s a scratch golfer FFS!

There has been some recent chat of a golf trip / mini sash-bash in Phuket later this year, possibly November. For this we are going to open it out to the RSC’s in Singapore, The Middle East & Oceania. If it happens I’ll be sure to let you guys know and maybe some NARSA bears might be interested!

We have our annual AGM which we always hold on the Friday before the 12th July. Seems to be an easy date for our members to remember……not sure why….

Over the course of the year, we also have the occasional mid-week junk trip, where we will hire a boat and head out on the high-seas for a bit of dinner, a few drinks and a sing song!
On one such occasion an ex-member that’s now in China called David Miller, managed to get so drunk that when we were coming back into dock we all decided to jump the few feet back onto the jetty. His legs just gave way and he crumpled in a heap! He still managed to make it to the bar where is continually just fell over. When he eventually made it home he was in his bathroom and in an attempt to steady himself ripped the entire bathroom cabinet off the wall and on top of himself and fell into the bath.
A few days later he was spotted clutching bag after bag of high end women’s products walking a few paces behind his missus a broken man! We never saw him for months after that!

Members of the Hong Kong RSC will soon be undertaking a sponsored hike in support of the Indochina Starfish Foundation, a Cambodian children’s charity. We will be hiking the entire 50km length of what is called the Hong Kong Trail all in one day. Yikes! We have named this hike the “Teddy Bears Picnic” but we expect it will be everything but!
As a club we have supported this charity for a few years.
Its key aim is to provide a lifeline for some of the poorest, most disadvantaged children in Cambodia by providing them with the opportunity to complete a full education programme, the opportunity to participate in a weekly youth football coaching programme or, in some cases, both. The children we sponsor play in a football team called the “Tonle Sap Teddy Bears”. So we are doing what we can to help spread the good name of Rangers even further afield! http://www.justgiving.com/Teddy-Bears-Picnic
All of the details of our hike and how to get involved with sponsorship are also posted on our club website.

Are There any Characters in the Club That Stand Out?
We have a few….

Monty aka “the thief of bad-gags”- Where to start with Monty…..
Drunkenly told our next Rangers manager Ally McCoist during a visit here that “you are the only man I would sleep with” as if Ally should be proud of that. Ally just smiled awkwardly at him. Since then Bomber has taken the place for his man-love following many visits by the Bomber to Hong Kong.

Big Daz – aka Mr. Chivas. As dedicated a Bear as any and I don’t think ever misses a game no matter what time it kicks-off. We had an award for “fan of the year” which Darren won for his attendance record. For this we got him a signed Ally McCoist top. To our knowledge Monty never slept with the top, but we can’t be sure.

Big Craig – In 2004/2005 when we were thinking of new ways of attracting members beyond adverts in the local paper, etc. Craig suggested we just go to some of the busiest spots in Hong Kong at lunchtime and just shout out “Hoooow!”. Anyone that then turned around in an instance saying “Whit!” would be Glaswegian/Scottish and either be a Rangers or a fan of the great unwashed…..brilliant!

Fergie – aka Super Mario (he’s his doppelganger)

Malky – Foolishly tried to keep pace with Andy Goram drinking red wine during the “Legends” visit. We were on a junk trip sailing to an island for dinner, maybe 40 minutes away, by the time we got there Malky was blootered and had also managed to throw up over my Dad who happened to be visiting too. To make matters worse my Dad had borrowed one of my t-shirts…….

Deek (the scratch golfer) – got so blootered when the Legends came out that he asked IAN Ferguson “How is Barry doing?” thinking he was speaking to Derek Ferguson…..! Deek was also in charge of getting polo-tops sorted for the visit. We’ve now all got tops with a badge that states “RANGERS LENGENDS”.

McArthur – Again, during the legends visit we were watching highlights of our great 92/93 Champions League run to give some background to many of the players that were over for a Q&A night we had arranged. McArthur was on the edge of his seat, shouting at the screen, celebrating goals, etc. I think he was so drunk (a bit of a theme for the visit!) that he thought he was watching the games live! He also got chatting to Mark Walters brother who stated that he was “over visiting Hong Kong with his brother that used to play for Rangers”. McArthur then asks who his brother was……

The Kayman – Our resident Mr. Smooth and Hong Kong scenester. Need to know what’s happening in HK? Look no further. During Movember he looked alarmingly like Freddie Mercury though.

As well as the actual Hong Kong RSC, we also have a sub-splinter group for covert operations overseas (i.e. Rangers away games!), called the “Bawdeep Loyal”. It seems to have a bit of cult status and the Bawdeep Loyal flag always gets well received from fans when we take it around the world. It’s been to Villareal, Osasuna & Manchester. Most recently it has taken to the NARSA AGM earlier this year in Las Vegas as well as Bursaspor.

Not actually related to a specific member, but in the early days their was a spell when the club would meet to watch Old Firm games in a pub called “The Chapel” !!!
It was one of only a few places that had access to a dodgy Thai satellite and at that time it was the only way to watch the game with a good picture. It ended up being a very lucky pub for us as we never saw Rangers lose and Old Firm game in there! Eventually we could be heard to belt out “Win in the Chapel, we only win in the Chapel…….”.
We eventually got around to taking a picture of us outside the “Chapel” with our club flags which I have attached.
Feel free to stick it up on the FB wall if you like.

What’s the One Thing About Your Club That Will Make Bears Want to Visit?
Because We Are The People!
Hong Kong is a great place and well worth a visit for anyone, and if any bear is ever in town you will always be made welcome in Amici by the Hong Kong Loyal. We also have top of the range polo-tops at very reasonable prices!
Plus if you join our club, you get a 20% discount in our pub Amici, plus a top quality membership card!

I’d like to think we’re a well run club and have very decent guys as members. When you are away from home it’s nice to meet up with like-minded people and many of us have became very close friends.
On the subject of being away from home, keep up the good work gents, it’s great to hear guys as passionate as you give up your time to put together this podcast. From one ex-pat to another its very much appreciated and helps to keep the home fires burning strong for all things Rangers.



PS – having just read it back, feel free to trim it down as I seemed to have gone on a fair bit !

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