We Are The People began as a response to the fact that no podcast existed that was dedicated solely to Glasgow Rangers. After some discussion, John and Todd came to the realization that they could handle this undertaking themselves. Thus, We Are The People was born. It is our hope that over the courses of the episodes, you find the podcast informative, opinionated, and above all, fun.

JohnJohn hails from Paisley, Scotland originally. Having moved to Toronto, he is a proud member of the Toronto Central RSC. He has a lovely basement that is quite splendid for podcasting.

RossRoss first attended Ibrox as a toddler after being born in to a Rangers supporting family. Although he has grown up physically, mentally he is still residing in 1986 when he got his first season ticket and the Souness revolution was in full swing. He has lived on both sides of the Atlantic throughout his life calling Toronto home for the last four years.

ToddTodd is half-Dutch, half-Scottish, all-Canadian and thanks/blames [delete as appropriate] his friend from Larkhall that got him into the Rangers back in the 1920s when he was in high school. He has been a member of the Toronto Central RSC executive for many years as no one really wants to be a member of the executive.

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