Want your supporters club to get a shout-out on an episode? Want to let other Bears know about your club’s location and activities? Want to answer a few questions to make that happen?

If you answered ‘yes’ to all these questions, simply copy the questions below and paste your answers into an email by clicking HERE!

Answer the following questions to let us know about your club:

RSC Name:
Number of Years in Existence:
Club Website:
Who is your Exec:
Are There any Characters in the Club That Stand Out?
Have You Had Players Visit? Who and Why?
What Events do you do Over the Year?
What’s the One Thing About Your Club That Will Make Bears Want to Visit?

Clubs We’ve Reviewed in the Past:

Post-Closure: Gateway RSC, St. Louis, Missouri
Season 4, Episode 22: Campsie Loyal, Campsie, Milton of Campsie and Kilsyth, Scotland
Season 4, Episode 7: Jim Baxter Memorial RSC, Cumbernauld, Scotland
Season 2, Episode 28: Dubai Loyal, Al Barsha, Dubai
Season 2, Episode 23: Hong Kong RSC, Wan Chai, Hong Kong
Season 2, Episode 12: Whityby RSC, Whitby, Ontario, Canada
Season 2, Episode 9: Melbourne City Loyal RSC, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Season 2, Episode 4: Toronto #1 RSC, Toronto, ON, Canada
Season 2, Episode 2: Texas True Blues RSC, Houston, TX, USA
Season 2, Episode 1: Kearny RSC, Kearny, NJ, USA
Season 1, Episode 13: Las Vegas Loyal, Las Vegas, NV, USA
Season 1, Episode 12: Inverness True Blues, Inverness, Scotland
Season 1, Episode 11: Windsor True Blues RSC, Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Season 1, Episode 10: Ottawa RSC, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Season 1, Episode 9: Ardoyne Rangers Supporters Club, Belfast, Northern Ireland
Season 1, Episode 5: Orange County RSC, Torrance , California, USA
Season 1, Episode 3: Bannview RSC, Banbridge, Norther Ireland
Season 1, Episode 2: Toronto Central RSC, Toronto, Canada

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