Season 1, Episode 15 – “That’s a Wrap!”

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 15 of the We Are The People Podcast, entitled “That’s a Wrap!”"

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This is the last episode of the regular season. Thank you so much for the over 11,000 downloads that you listened to over our short tenure. It’s greatly appreciated and we can’t thank you enough! We had a great time and we look forward to next season. But we still have this season to close. Still rocky roads ahead, but hey, we won the league!

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At The Match:

We just barely go through the dodgy tie between us and Motherwell. At least there was a trophy at the end.

Off The Pitch:

- SWS tells Ellis to buy or buh-bye
- We look at some of the season’s funniest moments
- We say that you should join the RST…we’re going to
- We do some comparisons between where the Rangers play and TGLTEWAPEWB, including losing some of our best players there (we’re looking at you, Wilson…)
- The Wee General throws some kind words our way
- We say ta-ta to Boston (and anywhere that Rangers will play in the US), but tip the hat to Australia
- Off the Facebook wall, we answer the question “Who was the best captain for Rangers?” Hoo boy…

This week’s RSC Review:

None this week. Go to the My RSC page and send in information about your supporters club.


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