Season 4, Episode 13 – “Turducken National Squad”

Long ep this week, but there was lots to talk about. But there wasn’t an ep last week. So listen to half of it last week, and the rest this week. What do you want from us?

We’re also joined not just with the almost-full complement, but also Andy Sheppard from the RST.

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This Episode:

- You’d not have thought there was much to talk about regarding Elgin City, but…well…
- Andy takes us through
- Killing the Arabs
- Jim Traynor up to something?
- HMRC…again.
- The SPL is GREAT!!!
- Sandy Jardine God Speed
- 140 years young
- Read Dunbar’s great article on the Gers and Rapid Vienna
- The Other Ross’s article responding to ‘JohnBhoy’

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