Season 4, Episode 12 – “Alligator of Truth”

A freeing episode this week with Ross and Todd in studio with Dunbar and Chris Graham joining from the far reaches of the interweb. A 2-1 win for Rangers to discuss and that’s not the East Sterlingshire match.

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This Episode:

- Good solid away win
- So, about that tax case…[a lot about this]
- Kenny’s training
- God speed, Sandy Jardine

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1 Response to “Season 4, Episode 12 – “Alligator of Truth””

  • James Donaldson Snr

    Was really looking forward to the pod this week following our great victory over HMRC and you didn’t let me down. Can’t believe James jnr was otherwise engaged!! Keep up the good work.

    Chris, really enjoyed your performance on TV the other night, Speirs looked like a baby rabbit caught in the oncoming headlights!

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