Season 2, Episode 15 – “Ross’ New Headphones”

Seems the only people showing up on a Sunday for a match are those gathered at WATP Towers.

A full complement today, but we end up talking a lot about the fact that there was nothing to talk about.

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At the match:

- The right ideas come from Rangers, but we lose to Man U

Off the pitch:

- This is the last week for your T-Shirt designs. Get them in!
- We discuss the refereeing crisis and who we blame
- We try to get Evil to prove their points of persecution
- Ross answers Souness trivia
- We look ahead to Hearts

This weeks RSC review:

None this week. Seriously, folks? It’s easy. Click on the ‘My RSC’ link, copy down the questions, answer them and send your results to us at

This weeks Hall of Fame inductee:

We await next week for a new inductee.

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