Season 2, Episode 6 – “No Todd of Rome”

Last we heard Todd was filling in for old Joe Ratzi and continuing his tour around Italy, so we got on with it and joining myself and Ross again is Iaian (sic) and we are ably produced by a slightly hungover but still more than capable Darcy.
We’re away to Hamilton. Turgid much?
We go all fatcat and get bloated on Champions League as we look ahead to Old Trafford. Some discussion from the Facebook wall and some quite outstanding XI’s to have scored in a Cup Final, especially Johns!
Finally, the “Officially Unofficial” HOF gets a legend through the doors this week at an especially poignant time.
All this in less time than it takes Scotland to score two goals against Liechtenstein.
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At The Match:
- Hamilton v Rangers
Off The Pitch:
- We look at the Man Utd game
- We’ve got listener email, all the way from the land of the Kiwi – No voicemails…again
- A quick(ish) discussion on the Scotland game and the bad apples in the dressing room
- Our Rangers XI’s to have scored in a cup final
This week’s RSC Review:
None, c’mon seriously, are you all shy?!
This week’s Hall of Fame Inductee:
Mr. Brian Laudrup (HOF entry to be added)
Go to the Hall of Fame page and see who’s made it in there already.
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