Season 2, Episode 5 – “When the Todd’s away”

With Todd away to visit the Vatican and promote the podcast within the Rangers stronghold of Rome we are joined this week by a special guest, no, not that kind of special. Pressing buttons and making sure we can be heard is producer Darcy and John attempts to drive the bus (off a cliff)

With no Gers game to review we go all “och aye the noo” and visit Lithuania “At The Match”.

As per usual we go off course on “Off The Pitch”, look at the best of the Facebook wall and induct another legend into the “Officially Unofficial” HOF courtesy of our special guest.

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At The Match:
- A look at Rangers Scotland vs. Hearts Lithuania which shouldn’t have taken long but inevitably did, probably longer than the match itself
Off The Pitch:

- Ricky Foster loan deal is approved by us (John’s anger finally subsides or is it just subdued?)
- We’ve got listener email, all the way from Laaaaaaadan
- No voicemails, shame on you all

- A look at the new DW prison in Wigan for Rangers fans
- Our treble winning Rangers XI’s.

This week’s RSC Review:

None (you have shamed us)

This week’s Hall of Fame Inductee:
Jock Wallace (HOF entry to be added)

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